Don’t worry. Be happy!







    We are all meant to be happy individuals. If we are not happy, it is up to us to change the way we look at our life. Sometimes just doing that which we do not like to do with a smile and light heart will change our feelings. It is usually not that big a deal with a positive attitude.

    A very wise man (my father) would say, “Do it now and do it right the first time.” He believed a job done well instilled a sense of pride and it did not matter if you did not get paid for doing it. Doing it well was its own reward. Instill in your children/students a sense of pride in their accomplishments. Always make positive, encouraging comments about their efforts. No need to pay them, reward them, etc. for doing what is their responsibility or for their own or others’ good. But do demonstrate how proud you are of their accomplishments and at times reward them when they least expect it. Be patient as they learn and accept their best efforts with encouragement.