Getting to Know Your Students

      Flattery will bring results and get you somewhere! But it isn’t flattery if you really mean it and it is true. Everyone is successful in doing something. Find it.

    Think of something good or kind to say about and to each student. Avoid sarcasm. Find something true about the most difficult students. There is some good in everyone.

    You have a beautiful smile. I really like to see you smile.

I like the way you walked in and sat down.

That was a really nice thing you did. You helped ……. shared …….etc.

What a good job you did on this story! You remembered ……. and …..

Your …….. is getting so much better. I like how you ……….




    These bookmarks are an excellent gift for the first day of school. The student’s name may be written on the back. They provide the learning behavior that will make both teaching and learning easier and successful. They set the stage for focusing the students on how they learn. As you pass out the bookmarks, go over the meaning for each part. Have the students repeat them after you. When the class or a student is having trouble focusing, repeat what the bookmark says. When students come in and settle down, have them look at their bookmark and repeat what it says.

    Go over the parts of the bookmark explaining what each means:

    I look tells us that we should look carefully in order to understand. Our eyes are focused on what we are trying to do or learn.

    I listen tells us that we will use both our eyes and our ears to understand better. When we are listening, our mouths are closed because it is difficult to hear while we talk.

    I think means that our brain is using what it is seeing and hearing to get new information – to learn.

    When we do all three things, learning is easier because we will understand. However, if we do not understand, it is also a good time to ask questions or explanations.

    So how are we going to use what the bookmark tells us? (You might make motions for each part. Point to the eyes, ears, head. Give a thumbs up for ‘I’m smart!)


    Make an enlarged bookmark to post and refer to daily. Remember to refocus the class as needed by asking them to recite it. It is more meaningful than calling out a student or students who are not paying attention. Post an enlarged version of the bookmark on the board and refer to it when you begin a lesson. Keep an eye out for students who are not focused and remind them of the bookmark guidelines by gently saying: Remember to look, listen, think as we are learning this new lesson.

Teachers Resources

    Bookmarks can be run four to a page horizontally – cut, laminated.